ATA to host Fall Forum focused on telehealth for chronic care, telemedicine in China, and executive leadership

The American Telemedicine Association (ATA) will host its annual Fall Forum in Palm Desert, Calif., on Sept. 6-9, 2014. The forum will consist of two full days of program related to telehealth in chronic care, a full-day forum focused on telemedicine opportunities in China, and an executive leadership retreat for CEO’s of the world’s leading healthcare technology companies and institutions.


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AMA Adopts Telemedicine Policy to Improve Access to Care for Patients

“We believe that a patient-physician relationship must be established to ensure proper diagnoses and appropriate follow up care,” said AMA President Robert M. Wah, M.D. “This new policy establishes a foundation for physicians to utilize telemedicine to help maintain an ongoing relationship with their patients, and as a means to enhance follow-up care, better coordinate care and manage chronic conditions.”

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Telehealth gets big boost from AMA

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AMA says telemedicine could improve access, quality of care


TeleHealth Solutions Offers Migration Services

TeleHealth Solutions is now offering “Migration Services” for existing telehealth/telemedicine systems.   If your current system is no longer meeting the needs of your providers or the technology is failing to grow with your business, TeleHealth Solutions can help.  Our team will evaluate your existing system technology, features, and functionality  – offer a replacement strategy – develop a migration plan – implement the new solution.

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Will TeleMedicine Really Lower Costs?

The reality is that a telemedicine visit likely could raise costs. The idea of having to uproot yourself, go to the doctors office, wait in the waiting room, wait in the exam room, etc is a really big deterrent that stops many of us from going to the doctors. The idea that I could click on a link and see a doctor from the comfort of my own home with no wait times (or at least I’m waiting at home where I can get other things done) will definitely cause us to see the doctor more often.


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