TeleHealth Solutions,LLC to Exhibit at ATA2016

 TeleHealth Solutions Helps Advance Fast-Growing
Telemedicine Industry with Comprehensive Services


TeleHealth Solutions serves as a trusted and knowledgeable resource for healthcare systems, hospitals, clinics and physician practices that are seeking the most effective and cost-efficient way to add or improve a telehealth program.
TeleHealth Solutions addresses every step involved in procuring or optimizing telehealth programs, including selection, assessment, review, implementation, integration and support. The company is vendor-agnostic, providing unbiased input that allows customers to leverage existing resources and identify appropriate new technologies, resulting in a successful integrated system that meets current and future needs.

TeleHealth Solutions supports every aspect of adding or enhancing telemedicine programs for healthcare systems, hospitals, clinics and physician practices. The experts at TeleHealth Solutions serve as a vendor-agnostic collaborative partner for organizations implementing a new telehealth network, assessing opportunities, updating technology, leveraging existing technology or optimizing a current program.  For more information, visit