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New Amerigroup Texas Medicaid Benefit Allows Consumers to Access Healthcare via Telehealth at No Cost

Amerigroup Texas is now offering Medicaid consumers the option to access medical and behavioral healthcare providers through telehealth visits at no cost. On Aug. 1, Amerigroup Texas launched a new Medicaid benefit that allows eligible consumers to log into LiveHealth Online through a smartphone, tablet or computer that has a webcam, to visit with board-certified doctors, licensed therapists, psychologists and psychiatrists. Also, because this telehealth option is being extended as a benefit, eligible Amerigroup Medicaid consumers do not pay a fee to see healthcare providers via LiveHealth Online.

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Telemedicine to reduce Medicaid travel costs

Sen. Pete Kelly’s Medicaid reform bill would remove some of the hurdles created by the state’s existing medical laws just in time to take advantage of the state’s growing telemedicine infrastructure.

Kelly said in a March 21 House Finance Committee hearing that one Medicaid reform in his Senate Bill 74 that passed unanimously on March 18 — telemedicine, or telehealth, expansion — is a way of keeping up with the times to reach the best fiscal output for the state.

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